Sanders Couldn’t…

Please stop saying Bernie Sanders could have beaten Trump. He couldn’t have and if you believe it, you are part of the problem with why Trump won.
I knew Bernie Sanders longer than most of you who supported him in this election. I supported him as an independent in Vermont because *I* am an independent. He was and will always be my preferred candidate, but as soon as he went onstage and used the words “democratic socialist” to refer to himself as a candidate, he was done.
Most of the states that voted for Trump still equate socialism with the USSR. With the “Red Menace” and “Godless Communism.” There have been popular country songs about it in my lifetime, for crying out loud. There is no way that the angry white boys who wanted someone like them for President would have been swayed, nor would the middle-aged who grew up being taught socialism and communism were basically the same thing. You will find people on every street corner who view Bernie as a “communist” who wants to take away their things.
Honestly, the DNC should have found a better candidate all around instead of fielding either of them in this charged climate. I said nine months ago this country was ready for neither a female president nor a socialist. I lit candles and prayed and campaigned to try and change it, but that was the reality. Maybe after this Trump disaster, they will be.