Light a Candle

I know it looks dark, but believe me, nothing is over. I know most people are afraid of Trump’s fascist remarks, anti-LGBT stance, racism and basically everything President Trump says. Congress isn’t much better, the GOP is patently insane.
But this is not 1930’s Germany. We have two things that those standing up to the Third Reich didn’t have: Social media and a history of rebellion. James May told a story not long ago about the differences between American culture and German culture. It is German culture to follow the rules as far back as my great grandfather’s stories of what happened in the 30’s. Americans? We hate rules. We speed, smoke in the bathroom, fish where we aren’t supposed to and by Gaia we stand against injustice, we always have.  Our country was born in the stench of gunpowder and blood, the clash of righteous steel and cries for justice. That is our culture, one I am proud of.  We will not give in to hatred, we will fight on.  It is only four years.
Look to your loved ones, embrace the good things you have in your lives and fill yourself with that light.
Only light can chase away the darkness.