I Stand Behind Equality

I am really sick of some of the ignorant comments about the #womensmarch. Some women in this country are just plain living under a rock. If you spent your life doing what is expected of you, odds are you haven’t felt oppressed. That isn’t because the oppression doesn’t exist… its because you did what is expected of you. Congratulations.

Here’s reality. I spent my life doing “men’s jobs”. Armed guard, mechanic, bodyguard, mercenary and unfortunately insurance supervisor (long story.) In each career, I was paid less and overlooked for promotion simply because I don’t have testicles. I watched men with less experience and far less intelligence move up the ranks because they were male. I was told point blank I was being paid less because I wasn’t “a male head of a household.” I quit, violently.

Ladies, we are not treated equally and while there are countries that treat women worse, we are far from the best. In fact the US is #28 in equality, falling behind Norway, Finland, Sweden, Ireland, Rwanda, Philippines, Switzerland, Slovenia, and New Zealand, who are all in the top ten. In fact, we fall behind Mexico and Israel, as well.

We are not equal.
I can’t wear whatever I want. If I wear a short skirt and heels, I’m a slut. If I wear a maxi skirt and sweater I’m a prude. If I wear a suit I’m too masculine.

We are not equal.
I can’t have any job I want. I watched less intelligent less able men get promoted over me simply because they have testicles. Over and over and over it happens.

We are not equal.
Women on average in this country are paid 23.7% less than men in the same career. It’s public information published by the IRS.

We are not equal.
I can’t say what I want. If I am too forthcoming I am a bitch. If I am quiet I’m a “wallflower.”

The whole point of the March is because we aren’t equal. If you haven’t felt it, count yourself lucky and either get behind the women who have, or go back under your rock and shut the fuck up.

#womensmarch #equality #skyesays