Beyond Skye: The Pixy Stick Incident

The #Pixy Stick Incident

It says in my profile on Amazon and other places that I “eat pixy sticks straight from the bag.” I love pixy sticks. They are, hands down, my favorite candy. But there was an incident that made me stop eating them for about four years.

As most of y’all know I am a gamer. I’ve been playing tabletop RPGs since I was eight or nine years old. I learned on the “pink box” Dungeons and Dragons with my family before branching out to AD&D, Call of Cthulhu and of course Star Wars, which was our weekly game for years.

I used to go to a lot of conventions on the east coast, at least four times a year. One of those cons, Dreamation, has this thing they call the “Con-Sweet,” which has every kind of candy and a chocolate fountain that runs most of the weekend.

Do Not Try This At Home
There was a night I was running a Star Wars game in the midnight slot. Do not ask me why I was this stupid, I was young and impressionable. At around two in the morning we took a sugar and caffeine break. One of the players went down to the Sweet and brought me back almost a whole bag of pixy sticks. For some reason, I dumped several on the table and started playing with the powder using an index cards. I made piles, I made lines, I made little smiley faces, I think I even tried to make a sort of lizard thing.
As the rest of the players came back, one made a crack about snorting drugs at the table. My caffeine addled sleep-deprived brain decided that snorting the pixy sticks would be a great way to wake up. So… I took the straw from my soda and did two lines of pixy sticks, one grape one cherry without stopping.

I then dribbled pink and purple goo for the next twenty minutes while my nose and sinuses melted from the sugar and whatever else was in the pixy sticks. I swore off pixy sticks at that moment, though years later I began eating them again in the more traditional manner.

Yeah… I’m not wrapped right sometimes. But I’m me.
What dumb thing have you done with food?
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