My Grandfather

Today, while finishing my latest manuscript, I am reminded of my grandfather. I don’t think my siblings ever really got to know him, he was always in my grandmother’s shadow. But he was a great man, far better than we gave him credit for as children.
My grandfather was a product of his generation. He had issues, to be sure, but he more than made up for his faults by being a good, brave, God-fearing man. His was the generation that fought for others. He stood up to be counted with sixteen million Americans who stood against fascism and tyranny. He never had a shadow of a doubt that it was the right thing to do. In his later years I sat on the floor while he sipped Johnny Walker and told me about those days. He is partially responsible for me being the person others have called “hero.”
I know that, today, he would be as ashamed as I am. Ashamed that Americans are so afraid of terrorists that we would turn away those in need. Ashamed that we would let fear be the rule of law, instead of God and bravery. Ashamed that our President is a liar, a cheat and a coward.
The Greatest Generation, his generation, wasn’t afraid. They had an untarnished moral code and truly believed we were the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. That this was the country the world turned to for help. They fought because they were proud of their country, proud to protect the world from evil.
America never stopped being great, Donald Trump sold you a bill of goods. He knew many Americans were hurting, lost and needed someone to blame, so he pointed the finger. You believed him.
Being afraid of terrorists doesn’t make America great. It makes us cowards. Being afraid of Muslims doesn’t make us great. It makes us bigots. Blocking immigration? Nope, that doesn’t make us great, its turning our backs on the foundation of our country. Most everyone here is descended from immigrants who looked at America as a shining beacon of hope. Now we put up a no vacancy sign.
You can let Donald Trump tell you that cowardice, fear, bigotry and malice Make America Great. Personally, I know that isn’t the country I love.
#MAGA #nobannowall