Stormfront is Live

1943.  stormfront-ebook-fullThe Second Great War rages on, threatening to tear the world apart. Himmler’s SS Paranormal Division is scouring the globe in search of magikal artifacts and preternatural operatives to add to Hitler’s growing supernatural forces. If he isn’t stopped, he will soon have an army of vampires at his disposal, creatures that will stop at nothing to see the world bathed in blood and darkness.

It is in this terrifying world that Raven Storm finds herself after her fight with the Harlequin in present day Chicago. Cut off from her friends and family, Raven joins forces with Mack Mason to investigate the murder of an antiques dealer in Old Town, an innocent who left the words Black Eon behind in his own blood.

The mystery deepens when more bodies begin appearing around town, the burned and bloodless corpses stuck inside concrete and brick as if left there by the hand of God.

What is Black Eon? And how do they stop it before it kills again?


Time is a Killer.