The Leather Pants

Beyond Skye:  The Leather Pants Incident.

My regular followers know I like leather.  I really like leather.  I own several pairs of leather pants, leather jackets, leather lingerie…

My favorite item is a WWII A2 leather jacket given me by my grandfather.  The story is he traded cotton underwear for it, but I can’t verify that story. It is made of horsehide, and though the cuffs are torn and aged, the rest of the jacket looks new.  It has saved me from serious cuts and abrasions on more than one occasion.  To say it is part of me isn’t wrong.

Another favorite was a pair of slim-fit leather pants from Armani.  They were given to me as a thank you for services rendered and tailored to fit me.  They made my butt look amazing.

A few years ago I was speaking at a local game convention, a sort of mish-mash about writing and GMing, my two loves.  I was on an elevated stage that was black and the edge was marked… with black tape.  Black stage, black tape, dark room, high heels, black pants.  About halfway through I did what just about any easily distracted woman would do while answering an interesting question.  I paced right off the edge of the stage.  Now my shoes were sandals, high heels with straps and a small platform so I didn’t so much fall as step down with the grace of an anti-tank missile.  When I straightened, I discovered a severe draft in the back, descending south.  I’d managed to tear the center seam of my pants!

I spent the rest of the talk sitting on the edge of the stage trying to hide that I was wearing pink see-through undies and look nonchalant about falling in front of about five hundred people.  My friend Scott went and got another pair of pants from my room and I changed in the little back stage area after the event.

And that’s how I tore the sexiest pair of pants I’ve ever owned.  I had them fixed, but they didn’t come out as well as they did originally.  The pants are kind of puckered around the seam.

Moral:  Mark the edge of the stage with contrasting tape!  lol