No, Ladies, We Are Not Equal

Ladies:  We are not equal with men.  Nope, I don’t care what your opinion is, if you do not agree, you are wrong.  It isn’t an opinion, it’s a fact. I’ve seen a lot of very intelligent posts about this and still women are arguing.  So maybe it can be made more obvious.

As long as men can go topless but women cannot, we are not equal.

As long as it is accepted to make jokes about our periods but not the tiny size of the average man’s dick, we are not equal.

As long as men are making decisions on women’s healthcare, we are not equal.

As long as school dress codes are more about what a boy might be distracted by than a girl’s comfort, we are not equal.

As long as we can look at a successful woman and think “who did she fuck to get there?” We are not equal.

As long as men are okay with taxes paying 41.6 billion for Viagra but balk at taxes contributing to prenatal care, childbirth and birth control, we are not equal.

As long as I can be offered 80K for a job when they think I am a man but 60K as a woman, we are not equal.

As long as rapists are getting six month sentences and judges are more concerned about the rapist than the victim, we are not equal.

As long as Republicans are concerned with “protecting” us in public restrooms but not our own homes, we are not equal.

As long as we consider a man to be “the provider” we are not equal.

As long as a man can sleep around and be called a stud but a woman doing the same thing is a slut or whore, we are not equal.

As long as fathers are still telling daughters they can’t be whatever they want to be because those are “man’s work”?  We are not equal.

As long as we continue to look at what a rape victim was wearing instead of what a rapist actually did, we are not equal.

As long as a woman is judged by her appearance and likability over competence and intelligence?  We are not equal.  And ladies, we do this shit to ourselves.  I’ve lost count of the times I have been called a bitch for being successful or heard another successful woman called a bitch.  This shit is the real reason Clinton lost.  An unattractive bulldog of a woman will never be President of this country, and that is an affront to equality.

As long as the length of a woman’s skirt leads to a debate over her sexuality, reliability or parenting skills?  We are not equal.  And ladies, you know you have done that shit to each other.  Stop it right now today.

It is a fact, women on average are paid 20% less than men.  It’s a fact.  Just because you don’t think it happened to you doesn’t change the reality.  If you got paid the same, you were lucky.  Tax data shows women earn 20% less.  You can believe it, or you can remain ignorant.  Though it is technically illegal, even now employers do it on a regular basis using a variety of excuses.  Google it.  Most often they get away with it by offering men more to start.  In a competitive market, women can take less or not get the job. You can find more data here:

It is a fact women are denied basic female healthcare.  Not birth control, healthcare.  Mammograms and pap smears are routinely rejected by healthcare providers to the tune of 62%. Look it up.  Every state has data you can review.

It is a fact women lose their jobs for the crime of getting pregnant.  They are let go for being mothers and propagating the fucking species.  Every woman I know is aware this happens.  It isn’t equality and maternal leave is not a privilege in a society where both parents need to work to make ends meet.

Every woman in this country with the brains of a turnip should be standing against this crap.  No matter if you are anti-abortion or pro-abortion it should bother the shit out of you that the lawmakers at the forefront of the debate are all old white men.  It should scare you that male lawmakers are against providing insurance for prenatal care and childbirth.  It should anger you beyond belief that they do not think education for women is as important as it is for men.

Whether it effects you or not, there is something desperately wrong when one woman can decide not to care that another is being paid 20% less than a man in the same job with similar qualifications.

Those of you who think we are equal with men need to pull the wool from your eyes.  If we won’t stand with each other, who is going to stand with us?