Random LGBT post

I keep seeing posts from Bi people complaining about bisexuals being excluded from the LGBT community. There are articles showing that half the LGBT community identifies as bisexual, that they are slightly more likely to live in poverty (no, 9% isn’t a significant difference when you are talking about 6 million people), more likely to be suicidal, and a variety of other factors.
I may piss someone off, but frankly a lot of it is mountains out of molehills. The parts talking about poverty, mental health and suicide are missing a vital piece: Cause. There is no evidence there is a correlation between mental health and bisexuality, they are just two variables in a complex equation. Most of the variances are a small enough (within a few percentiles) that statisticians would call them “negligible,” meaning that most likely there would be no real variance between Bi, L and G people in these categories using a larger sample. The research consists of surveys that are too limited in scope to draw real conclusions and not one asked a very important question:  How many of those LGBT people who identify as Bi also identify as transgender.  That community tends to very visibly be ostracized by almost every group to some extent.  They have higher rates of suicide, the majority live in poverty and the suicide rate is higher than any other group in America.  I am willing to bet the portion that identify as bisexual are enough to cause a variance for bisexuals overall.
In regards to claiming that Bisexuals receive more workplace issues, I call bullshit. I have worked for multiple companies in multiple states, from oil change places to major insurance companies. I have never heard a bisexual joke. I don’t even know what one is. I have been to LGBT events in twenty states, I have never heard a Bi joke, nor have I ever heard much from the LGBT community excluding Bisexual people. I am not saying it doesn’t happen, I am suggesting that it has never happened in my presence and I have a lot of experience. None of my bi friends have ever said anything about it happening, either, which leads me to believe there is some persecution complex going on.
When reading these comments and posts, I am left puzzled as to what it is that these bisexual folks need that the community doesn’t provide. I admit that much of the community finds it hard to take a bi person seriously when they step up, say they are Bi but never had a same sex relationship and are in a hetero one. My first thought is always “okay, why are you here?” I am not trying to poo-poo Bi concerns by any means, I sincerely don’t get it. I have been in hetero relationships, in those relationships I had no concerns regarding my rights, I enjoyed all the aspects of a hetero relationship including my right to marry who I chose. I was not discriminated against for kissing my partner or dancing or any of the shit I experienced in a same sex relationship, hence my concerns were still about same sex relationships and it is what I have been fighting for since 1996.
I found a quote from a Bi researcher that expressed the issues most L/G members of the LGBT community run into. They put it this way: “The problem lies not in bisexuality itself, but in the modern bisexual movement, which has failed to articulate a coherent platform beyond its initial goals of recognition.”
In other words, as far as the LGBT community can tell, bisexual folks seem to want a pin or something that designates them as being Bi, without telling the community what the issues actually are. How can we be expected to help you when a) I have never met a Bi person who wasn’t in a hetero relationship and b) we have no idea what your issues are. If you are in a hetero relationship, you’re happy and mono, what issues do you have? If your issues are concerns for same sex relationships, then we *are* including you, because that is what we are all fighting for. If there is something else, y’all have to stop being so angry and articulate what we are missing, because I swear to you I cannot fathom what other issues there are.  Please for the love of Gaia get involved and tell us instead of bitching on Facebook.