Beyond Skye: The Flash Incident

Beyond Skye:  The Flash Incident.

I did a Facebook post talking about Queen, which reminded me of a weird incident when I was a kid.  For some reason my friends and I came across a remix of the Flash theme by Queen that we liked.  I was strangely addicted to the song and played it in my car on a daily basis.  I liked the groove, it said something to my soul and made me want to dance.  I don’t think it’s a secret that I love to dance.

I was also big into the Star Wars RPG.  My closest friends and I lurked in a basement playing the West End Games version for hours on end.  Who says you can’t wear leather and be a Star Wars dork?

I had a CD player and a collection of all the Star Wars cd’s to play as musical accompaniment to our games.  I would play the Asteroid Field during space battles, the Imperial March when the big-bad arrived, that kind of thing.  Oh yeah, we were into it.

Late one evening my friend Dex got sick of hearing Star Wars and put something else on.  He chose one of my Queen CD’s and we went back to the game.  What I didn’t notice was that he put the Flash Gordon theme on repeat.  It played for something like three hours before I noticed it was the same remix over and over and over.

Apparently I really like that song.  Unfortunately, because they teased me about it with cries of “Flash, Ah AHHHH” on a regular basis I haven’t heard the song in almost a decade.  It still haunts me when random peeps from game conventions show up at signings and remind me of the story, which I have been teased with relentlessly.

My friends still think it is funny as hell.