No, Amazon Isn’t Screwing Anyone

Every year some moron comes out with a “new way Amazon is screwing authors” post, it ends up on Huffington and a whole bunch of authors decide its really a thing. I mean, its on Huffington… where contributors don’t get paid and can write whatever the hell they want. Definite street cred there.
Okay, yes, letting third party vendors have the “buy box” on Amazon to sell books at lower prices is a little annoying. But how stupid are you? Do you think those third party vendors got those books by osmosis? They just magically appeared in their inventory?
Nope. They bought them, which means the author and publisher already got paid for them. It is no different than any other vendor buying and selling the books. When Barnes and Noble or Target sells one of my books, I still get paid. That’s how it works. And those “buy box” sales from third party vendors? They still count as sales, still effect your rankings on Amazon and YOU ALREADY GOT PAID.
What you are saying when you complain about such trivial things is that you making another sale is more important than Amazon customers. That you are more important than the third party vendors who bought your book, a book they couldn’t sell, and are now trying to get their slice of the pie. Most of those reduced prices you’re seeing mean the vendor is making about two cents off your old book they couldn’t sell at cover price. You’re going to bitch about that, seriously?
I’m sorry, but the world doesn’t shine out of our asses just because we’re authors. Everything that happens isn’t about screwing us, sometimes its about helping someone else. Every book I have seen where another vendor has the buy box, they have two or three of an older book they are selling at a discount. Big whoop.
Seriously, this nonsense that comes out every freaking year is part of the reason self-pub and Indies are still not taken seriously. When something happens in the industry we panic and act like a bunch of petulant children. Grow the fuck up.