Dear Straight Authors…

My straight author friends, screenwriters, producers…

Please stop writing gay characters for whom “being gay” is the single driving force in their lives. Characters who revolve their life around that central facet and mention it all the time? Yeah… please stop. Its annoying and unrealistic. The handful of LGBT people for whom “being gay” is their life are few and far between. They are not representative of the community and they irritate the shit out of the rest of us. We don’t like people who try to shove their “gayness” up everyone’s nose any better than anyone else.

Its not inclusive to write a character who eats, drinks, sleeps and shits “being gay.” It makes the uneducated think that all we are is sexuality driven weirdos. Do you think about your sexuality all the time? No. You walk around just “being straight” without a second thought. We do the same… only we’re gay. I don’t think about holding my partner’s hand, or kissing her, or being her partner. Being gay isn’t a thought process any more than being straight. It just happens.

This crap is why I refuse to label my books or warn stupid people I have bi, gay, lesbian and trans characters in my books. Being gay doesn’t make up their character, its a facet. A side dish like the buttered bread beside a really good meal. I’m sick to the back teeth of picking up a book with a gay character and every seven pages they’re talking about being gay. If it wasn’t for fucking Republican douchebags trying to pass anti-LGBT legislation all the time, I wouldn’t talk or think about being gay *at all.*

If you can’t treat us like real people in your work, please stop writing about us. We are more than happy to write those characters for ourselves if you will just get the fuck out of the way.

Edit: And seriously, straight peeps, stop making the gay guys in your MM romances act like women, and the lesbians in FF act like men. It doesn’t work that way. I know you gotta make a living, but you really aren’t helping. You can’t write caricatures and call yourselves “allies.”skyesig