A Word on Relationships

This is primarily for my LGBT peeps, especially Bi and Trans folks who are in the Pride news a lot, but it can apply to anyone who ever went through this.
I understand it hurts when people don’t accept you for who you are. Believe me, I know. I’ve been ostracized from most of my blood relatives for decades. I’ve had “friends” bail, teachers scoff and listened to religious leaders preach directly at me. I’ve been called freak, stared at, pushed, beaten, I get it.
But that isn’t on *you.* Stop internalizing, stop walking away kicking rocks like you did something wrong, stop blaming yourself for the bullshit people do. That’s on those small-minded little skidmarks who can’t endure reality beyond their own noses. Cut the cord, let them go and move on. There is nothing wrong with you, and something terribly wrong with them. You can do better.
Listen, I’ve lived all over the country, toured all over the world. I’ve found more acceptance than disdain, even in some of the most religious places in the world. Most people understand, or at a minimum just don’t care one way or another. I suspect it has always been that way. Then, as now, the haters simply have loud voices that make them seem bigger than they are. They’re human puffer fish without the sting. Ignore them.
My Bi friends, if the person you are with has issues with your sexuality, why are you with them? There is nothing wrong with you, there is nothing wrong with their understanding of bisexuality. You don’t need activism to try and change their mind. Those people are broken, move on. Don’t scream “but I love him/her/they,” who cares? If they can’t accept who you are, they don’t really love you and you deserve better than unrequited love. There are billions of awesome people in the world who don’t care who you look at, as long as you come home to them.
I am at a loss as to why the LGBT community as a whole continues to embrace the idea that educating people and activism is the answer to everything. For government and politics, absolutely its the answer. For family and relationships? Sometimes its as simple as realizing *they* are the problem, and just walking away.