Prudish Nonsense

I am sometimes very confused by changes in this country, changes I was somehow oblivious to, or maybe they just happened so far from my reality I didn’t care.

When did being a prudish ass come back into vogue? When did it become cool again to criticize a girl for looking like a girl and worry about a female’s body distracting some dude?

First, worrying about what a girl nor woman wears is not cool. Female clothing shows cleavage. It shows butt. It shows shoulders and arms and legs. That’s what is on the racks at the stores. If you care that a woman looks like a woman and isn’t buttoned up to her neck with a pink fluffy bow, the problem is *you* not what she’s wearing.

Second, I have brothers and a father. Most of my close friends are male. They are all perfectly capable of controlling sexual urges and not jumping on a girl because *gasp* she’s wearing shorts above her knees. The idea that young men can’t control an erection is not only ridiculous, it is insulting to the millions of young men who grow up without becoming rapists and sex-depraved madmen. Why, I’ve sat next to horny men and never had them touch me at all!

Fucking nonsense. Someone needs to take these dress codes and stick them so far up the asses of the prudes they can taste them.deadlysexy