Compassion is a Thing

This is not a politics post, this is a cry for compassion.
Many of my friends and readers are transgender. I support and stand with them in all things. These “bathroom laws” have to stop. They are not common sense, at least not to anyone who really knows what is going on. They are hatred.
Discriminating against transgender people will not make anyone safer. I truly do not understand why this confuses people. Rape, assault and peeping are already illegal, yet attacks still occur. A misdemeanor isn’t going to make any difference to the kind of person who is determined to commit the other acts. It just isn’t, that isn’t how criminals think. They don’t expect to be caught in the first place.
These laws, intended to harm and discriminate against some of this country’s most vulnerable people, are cloaked in “safety” to get you riled up. There is zero evidence from North Carolina or anywhere else that any crime has been stopped, nor have any “perverts” been caught. On the contrary, all that has happened is a few hundred gender nonconforming women have been attacked by self-appointed bathroom police simply for using the restroom they always use. I’ve been attacked twice for the crime of “having muscles in a ladies room” since this nonsense began two years ago.
Ask yourself, if these laws were to protect anyone, why aren’t they drawing up laws to protect young boys, who are the main target of male pedophiles by a 3-1 ratio? Why aren’t they disposing of urinals, where boys are most often peeped? Why aren’t they making laws where registered sex offenders cannot use public accommodations outside a prison or court building? Those are much more “common sense” than going after trans people, who haven’t been convicted of a sex crime in about 2000 years.
The truth is, they don’t care about safety, they don’t care about actually protecting people who get attacked. This is about going after a vulnerable group of people because the same hate groups pushing this nonsense lost the battle for marriage equality.
Please, if you feel like you should be in favor of these laws, get help. Talk to trans people. Talk to trans parents who have to watch their kids suffer. Imagine how you would feel if this was you, and grow a heart.
Texas just signed one of these bills. I will not being doing signings or attending events in Texas for the foreseeable future. I won’t spend my money in a state that supports hate.
Thank you