Labels Suck

Last week I did an interview for a St Louis radio station in preparation for the Deadly Storm release. It hasn’t aired and there is a good chance only part of it will, but if it does I’ll let y’all know where and when.
During the interview I was asked “if you had one wish, what would it be?”
My answer was this: that everyone on this planet would stop worrying about their fucking labels and just live their lives.
I don’t understand people who feel it is necessary to wear a label. I have been given many: singer, dancer, PITA, dyke, lipstick, author, badass, lesbo…
None of those things is who I am. I don’t get up in the morning and wonder if I will be mis-identified or get upset if one of those labels isn’t used. I don’t slap on a “I’m a badass lesbo” nametag and expect everyone to adhere to that label.
Labels are a particular issue for me in regards to the LGBT community. A reader shared an article by a MIC contributor that illustrated how bad labels are, yet that wasn’t the point of the article and I doubt the author would see it my way. The essay was about not calling her a lesbian because she’s in a same-sex relationship. She “identifies as bi.” Meanwhile, what set her off is a midwife totally cool with a same-sex relationship, and this idiot is upset because her preferred label wasn’t used and she felt her “identity” was being tromped on.
Fuck. Her. As I have said before, people like this are part of the fucking problem. The midwife was cool this writer was in a same-sex relationship. She was cool with helping her wife give birth. She was COOL and this person got upset over not being called queer-bi. Because apparently that’s what’s most important here. Not.
This shit makes me livid. Why the fuck do people label themselves, more importantly, why is that label their “identity” and the center of their world? Never in my life have I gotten up and checked to make sure my gay label was on the back of my shirt.
Get over the labels. Stop using them. Stop making one facet of your personality the end all of your existence, and for the love of Gaia stop punishing good people because they don’t use your preferred tag. The problem is you, not them. Grow up.