It Isn’t Admirable

There is something that people say that I find mind-boggling. It goes something like “he and I disagree on everything politically, but we’re still friends (or I still admire their work) and think they’re a good person.”

Dude, we’re way beyond actual politics now, don’t you get that? “Politics” is supposed to be disagreeing over whether to build a bridge or a train station. Whether to tax imports or subsidize them. Whether churches should be taxed or not. Whether to mandate 55 MPH speed limits or change them. We’ve moved beyond governing into hatfeful things like should gay people be allowed to get married and adopt, should ICE be acting like the Gestapo in 1938 and attacks on the free press with cries of “fake news” every time our “President” doesn’t like an article.

Our “President” just created a department specifically to legalize discrimination against the LGBT community and protect healthcare providers who refuse to treat for “religious reasons.” That isn’t politics, that’s government protected hate, and if this “friend” or person you admire is defending that action and you stand by them? You’re part of the fucking problem. That should be the last straw for anyone who calls themselves an American.

In the 1930’s, Nazis were capable of making very articulate arguments as to why Jews, gays, non-whites and other “undesirables” should be put to death. That doesn’t make their willingness to argue their view something to be admired. You should be horrified.

We aren’t talking about valid opinions. We aren’t talking about “politics.” We’re talking about people who, at the end of the day, are okay with LGBT people being marginalized, okay with hurting others to get what they want. They’re not to be admired, they’re to be stopped at any cost.