The Storm Chronicles

The Storm Chronicles series is a long-running novel collection starring Raven Storm. Raven is a dhampyr (half vampire) pStormrise-ebook-full (1)olice detective (later FBI agent) who investigates the strange and macabre cases with the help of her partner Rupert Levac and girlfriend, Aspen. She is also Fürstin (warrior-princess-champion) for Lady Valentina, the Mistress of Chicago and leader of the city’s vampire underworld. It is an obligation occasionally at odds with her duties as a detective, and that conflict is central to the character and the story.

Raven is a strong female lead who doesn’t need a man to hold her hand or do the dirty work when things go wrong. She takes charge and dispenses justice as necessary, whether it be with an arrest or at the end of her Automag pistol. She is by no means perfect, like anyone she makes mistakes, some of which plague her in later books. Her mistakes are her own and make her the person that she’s become.

The series stands at ten books, with book eleven, Stormcry and book twelve (TBA) coming later this year. The series is open-ended and there is no planned end, simply an evolution.

Over the last five years the series has won numerous awards, including Best New Urban Fantasy, Best Character, and Best New Series. It is also a #1 bestseller and was featured by BookBub.

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Drop into the Storm Chronicles and hold on for the ride of your life.
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