43% of America lives as Wage-Slaves

The minimum wage was not instituted as some bizarre starting point for high school students and day laborers. It was intended to be the minimum you could pay an employee and allow them to pay rent, eat, and enjoy life (citing 1933, Statement on National Industrial Recovery Act). At the time it was instituted, the minimum wage was significantly higher than what most people earned… and costs didn’t go up, prices didn’t go up, the cost of living didn’t go up, and spending increased leading to an industrial boom. This is not just my opinion, its a matter of historical fact. FACT. Anyone who tells you otherwise is either lying or stupid.
I’m not sure what is wrong with a portion of Americans somehow offended by a “burger flipper” or “toilet cleaner” making as much as they do. What is wrong with you? Its not about you its about the millions of people living in poverty in the richest country in the world. They aren’t “lazy,” they don’t work less than you, they aren’t lacking ambition,,they’re working the job they could find, and if they’re happy with that job, what’s it to you? Why are you so arrogant to believe their job isn’t as hard as yours? Have you done it? Have you ever stood over a hot grill for nine hours a day? Probably not. Ever have to clean up after men who can’t seem to hit a fucking toilet? Odds are good that you haven’t, which makes you an unreliable judge of what a “hard job” is.
Get this through your head: Americans are underpaid across the board. If you make fifteen dollars an hour with a college degree, you’re being screwed. You’re struggling because of corporate greed and American stupidity, and if you’re “just getting by” at $15 imagine how hard it is for someone making $7.25.
Forty-five million people in this country live below the poverty line. That’s fifteen percent. Another 29% is lower income, barely getting by. Forty-three percent of this country (citing NPR, CNN, US statistics and even FAUX News) is far underpaid, and THAT IS WRONG.  There are people in this country who have billions and you’re worrying about $15 an hour? You think they somehow work harder than you but a wage-slave cleaning toilets doesn’t? Really?
There is no real debate about this. Either you agree that wages need to be increased substantially, or you’re wrong. Nobody should have to work three jobs just to keep a roof over their head.