Rey is Still a Skywalker

Yep. You heard that right, Rey is a Skywalker and I won’t disbelieve that unless JJ’s upcoming Star Wars IX declares it in no uncertain terms, and I’m not talking about information from Kylo.

In TLJ (and seriously, if you haven’t seen TLJ yet I don’t care) Kylo tells Rey that she comes from “nobodies,” that they were junk traders who sold her for drinking money… except in Force Awakens we clearly see them flying away in Rey’s vision. They needed drinking money on a junk planet but then flew away on a ship? I call bullshit. They had a ship and the resources to operate it, anything could have been sold instead of a child. I believe this scene is entirely Kylo manipulating Rey because he wants her to join him. He’s a narcissistic tool and manipulation is how narcissists operate. If she is a nobody, she has more reason to find an anchor with him and turn to the dark side.

Besides, how the hell would he know who her parents are? In Force Awakens he has no idea who she is, and there has been no time to go scour Jakku and find her origins. At best, Snoke gave him that information and he lies pretty much every time he opens his mouth, like a certain American President. There is no reason to believe anything Kylo says.

Now, Rian Johnson has said he believes this to be true, that Rey comes from “nothing.”  Let me remind you that “nothing” and “nobody” are two different things. He’s also said he inherited nothing from JJ Abrams, which is horseshit considering JJ sat down with Disney and hammered out the storyline for the trilogy. That is already public knowledge, so I call bullshit on that statement, as well. It is more misdirection because Disney and JJ want to keep everything under wraps, a surprise like Vader being Luke’s father.

In Force Awakens during Rey’s vision we see images from Luke’s past, hear Obi-Wan, Yoda, Vader… not Anakin’s past, Luke’s, even though Anakin held the lightsaber far longer than Luke did. This implies a direct connection between Rey and Luke. JJ also said in a 2016 interview that it was obvious from that scene who Rey’s parents are. Only Luke, Rey, Plutt and Kylo really appear in the scene. Kylo is too young, Plutt is an alien… you do the math. It’s either Luke or she’s her own parent.

If you add this to the mirror scene from The Last Jedi, where she only sees herself… I mean come on, do you have to be slapped with a plot to get the point? She’s connected to Luke but the Force can’t show her the faces of her parents… Remind you of anyone? I’ll give you a hint, he wiped out most of the Jedi all by himself in Revenge of the Sith.  Rey could definitely be a child of the Force, which kind of makes her a Skywalker by default. Or she could be Luke’s kid, one he didn’t know about. I mean, why assume the poor guy was celibate? Luke knew she was down there, it wouldn’t have been that hard for him to manipulate her vision.

Lastly, everyone involved has always said the story was about the Skywalker family… except everyone but Kylo and Leia are dead… Kylo has abandoned his family and Leia is no Jedi but we still need a Skywalker for the story to be about. It is even hinted that the other two trilogies they are working on will *also* be about Skywalkers, just different ones. If it is about a Skywalker but there are none left, the story ends, and this story isn’t over. At a minimum, she’s a Skywalker because Han, Leia and Luke all adopted her.awesomerey

I don’t know how it will play out, but I do know that Rey is not a “nobody.”