Jynx and Piper Kane

Every now and then a corollary gets drawn between Jynx and Piper and the CWs long-running monster-hunting show. Just to set the record straight. Again. Mainly because it annoys the crap out of me.

Jynx and Piper were conceived several years before Supernatural became a show, back in 2001. Supernatural didn’t become a series until 2005. My characters were drawn by a well-known classic RPG artist as concepts for a role-playing game sourcebook called Midnight Roads, to be published by a now-defunct Indie publishing company. They went through several names, including Sierra and Sienna and Jasmine and Jenna before I settled on Jynx for my character, which I played at GenCon and Origins. At the time, Piper was called Jazz and their story was serialized in a set of short stories to accompany the sourcebook, which was about monster hunting adventures on the open road, inspired by my love of road trips and weirdness.

Their original vehicle was a baby-blue Mustang patterned after my own car at the time, a powder blue 1966 Mustang my dad and I got on the road together. Like my own vehicle, the trunk of the Mustang was full of weapons, tools, and gear. My current vehicle is (was) equipped in a similar fashion with custom cut foam to hold the gear in place. My life is weird and I need the gear more often than you might think.

As for inspiration, Jynx and Piper were inspired more by the MacManus brothers from Boondock Saints than anything else. I am a huge fan of the movie. If you’re familiar with the characters in that movie, you’ll see the connection in the Midnight Roads novels.

When I was offered the opportunity to write a Jynx and Piper novel, some things were changed. Because Raven Storm drives a Mustang, I gave my readers a chance to vote on what vehicle the Kane twins should have. The Charger won, though I was leaning towards a more modern Dodge Ram.

Truth be told, when I first heard of Supernatural, I thought it was some sort of X-Files wannabe, and I was annoyed it was replacing my beloved Buffy. I never watched an episode until the first time a reviewer of Fresh Blood suggested the connection. My first thought was “what the hell are they talking about?”

Would I ever say Supernatural stole my idea, considering I can prove I did it first? Um… no. Sibling detectives are nothing new. They go back at least to the 1800s, with more modern predecessors including the Hardy Boys (Frank Dixon), Tommy and Tuppence Beresford (Agatha Christie) Nick and Nora Charles (Dashiell Hammett) just to name a few, all before Supernatural or the Kane twins. Should I complain about the monster hunting aspects or the muscle car? Also no. They are tropes of the genre, dating back at least to comic books of the 60s.

I get that people love Supernatural. I get there are people who love Jynx and Piper. There is room in the universe for both and I would love to see them team up together. In the meantime, get over it. Parallels happen in genre fiction.