A Line Must Be Drawn

We are at a crossroads as a country. This isn’t politics, this is America’s very soul.
We are locking up children. This is really happening right now on American soil, just a hundred miles from where I am. This isn’t fake news, this isn’t pretend, this isn’t politics. This is really happening. We are intentionally harming families. And really, it isn’t because they’re illegal. Illegal immigrants come from Canada and in through Miami all the time. This is because they’re an easy brown-skinned target and too many voices in power are racist.
The country I love doesn’t put innocent children in concentration camps with numbers on their skin and tears in their eyes. And they are innocent. Their parents are also innocent. They’ve done nothing but walk across an imaginary line in the sand. Nothing more than what settlers and colonials did and we celebrate them. But now we are putting them in camps and cages like they are worse than murderers and rapists.
This isn’t right. This isn’t America. This is the continued press towards a fascist regime taking over the United States. They are spreading fear, hate, and lies while filling their pockets and eroding rights away. When do we stop? When they are locking up citizens for having brown skin? When they are locking people up for being gay? No. A line must be drawn and it must be drawn here. We are not letting our country spiral further into the cesspool of fascist hate. 
We can ensure the safety of Americans without separating little children from parents. We can process these people in refugee centers that don’t have cages. We can do the right thing without assigning children numbers on their skin and clothing.
This is Nazi behavior. This is what happened to my great aunts and uncles. This was the first step toward cleansing Jews from the face of the earth. History is repeating itself and I will not be silent. I will not be afraid. I will not put money ahead of doing the right thing. I will not let the atrocities of the past be repeated because a handful of cowards convinced people there is a bogeyman.
The only bogeyman is us. We are becoming that which our forefathers fought to protect the world from and I will not let it happen. I just won’t. I will die first.