Excuse Me…

Can we stop believing in the Mexican Illegal Immigrant Bogeyman, please? It’s a load of nonsense. Just stop.
Very few illegal immigrants come to this country. It is down 47% since 2007. Most of those who are coming don’t come through the Mexican border, it is a flat out lie. The people showing up at that border are most often people fleeing oppression, abuse, and violence. They’re asylum seekers because we’re supposed to be the good guys. They’ve been coming here since 1492, maybe that year rings a bell. The rest of the illegals? Most come by airplane, have white skin and you never, ever, hear the GOP talk about them. Why? The white skin. The Bratva is way worse than MS-13 (which was founded by legal citizens in the US and is mostly in El Salvador, BTW) ever thought of being, but the Bratva is a bunch of white people so they don’t get on the radar. Same for the Italians, Serbians, etc. Nobody ever mentions them.
It is nonsense. It is the creation of a bogeyman to get you to be willing to accept hate and abuse in exchange for a false sense of security. Don’t fall for it. Illegal Immigrants are less of a problem than the people who live here. We have white supremacists goosestepping around the country, a barely literate president, a secretary of education who has zero respect for the 160 million Americans who aren’t straight, white and Christian, we have the Texas GOP starting all-out war against the LGBTQ community,… we have actual problems and we’re fighting over whether or not is okay to take a two-year-old from her mother and shove her in a cage with strangers. What the fuck is wrong with us? This isn’t how Americans behave. Or at least it isn’t how I was taught to behave. I was taught we were the good guys. We cared about the underdog. We were brave and resisted white supremacy and hate. We fought to overthrow Nazis… now we’re acting like them.
Excuse me while I vomit.1832916_1