Star Wars Has Always Been Progressive

Posts saying that people preferred “Old Star Wars without its SJW agenda” are very strange to me. If you think that you either never watched “Old Star Wars” or have seriously changed since you saw the original movies.
Let’s start with the “SJW agenda.” First. SJW is not a pejorative term in spite of what you read on Reddit or 4Chan. People (like me) who speak about social justice are often people who have experienced social injustice. Women. LGBT people. People of color. People who aren’t Christian. It isn’t “virtue signaling,” (another dumbass made up term) it’s pointing out real issues with society as experienced by real people. Like it or not, our society is largely weighted in the direction of the straight white Christian male, which is odd considering they’re less than 25% of the population and are often the least qualified for the positions they hold. The term “SJW” was given a bad connotation by whiny white boys who are terrified by the idea they might actually have to compete with more qualified people with different beliefs, genders and skin colors instead of just getting a leg up because they’re straight white and Christian. Don’t use it.
As far as “Old Star Wars,” Star Wars has always had a “Progressive Agenda.” When it was written it was a message about the Vietnam War and the rise of fascism, which was still happening when it was written. Lucas himself has pointed out that the Emperor’s rise was based entirely upon the corruption of the GOP and Richard Nixon becoming President. Lucas himself has explained that much of the Empire is based not on communism, but the Third Reich. There is a reason they’re called Stormtroopers. There is a reason they’re xenophobic and all the villains are white humans and much of the Rebellion is female and alien. The only reason there weren’t *more* female characters is because the conservative studio complained about it. It’s all right there in Lucas’ own words. You should probably read and/or watch some of his interviews and maybe try actually watching the film.
Star Wars was one of the first films to feature a female hero (Leia.)
Star Wars was one of the first films to feature a female leader (Leia, Mon Mothma.)
Star Wars was one of the first films to have female fighter pilots (who the studio insisted be voiced as male).
Star Wars was one of the first films to have a diverse cast, diverse crew, diverse costumers… That was hugely progressive in 1973, when pre-production actually began.
Look, I’m cool with not liking the film. The whole “Finn-Rose storyline” was a lame side quest… but you should also note that it was written that way so Luke could save the day instead of Finn and Rose.
I can argue about it all day. The “space chase” core story mechanic. While I can explain some of it away in the same way that starships banking has been explained in canon, a lot of it is stupid. I can argue that Poe’s character was twisted in a way that wasn’t right for him as seen in Force Awakens, and I don’t agree with it (while appreciating the message about toxic masculinity).
But it didn’t detract from my enjoyment. I thought Luke was right in character, he’s always kind of been a whiner who runs away and it is nothing new. I know why Rey is as skilled as she is, I know why Luke died, none of that bothers me. But I do understand how an actual fan could dislike the film. I do get that and love talking about the film’s real issues.
But whining about it being “too Progressive” is alt-right bullshit.
Joining in with the Rose/Kelly Marie Tran bashing and the attacks on Daisy Ridley because Rey is the main character? Unacceptable and not Star Wars in any way. Complaining about Finn because he’s black? Are you kidding me? Unacceptable to any true Star Wars fan.
Let’s focus on the real issues and not let the shittiest “fans” hijack the discussion.
~ Skyebear