Ugh. Climate Deniers…

My biggest problem with climate deniers is they usually think they are way smarter than they actually are.
Yo! We as a species have been documenting the weather for about 5000 years. In the US it has been studied for about 200 years. It is a science that involves geology, weather patterns, hundreds of years worth of temperature and weather measurements, effects on animals and animal behavior… basically there is more data about weather changes on this planet than almost anything. The only thing we’ve been observing as long is the planets and stars. And we just landed another vehicle on Mars without a single mistake.
Denying the changes to climate and the need to take action just indicates you’re an idiot who finds actual data to be complicated.
Worldwide weather changes are a thing. Fifty years of data indicates our activity is increasing the effect of a natural phenomenon. If action isn’t taken, we will have worse and worse weather events. Worse wildfires. People will die, billions will be lost.
Get it? This isn’t about “belief” this is about reality and human lives. Join the human race and stop being an asshole.