Only You Can Change

Just want to point this out, because it’s one of those things, since it pertains to the LGBT community, got swept under the rug. And it isn’t a “political post,” this effects me personally. This is personal, I’m a member of the community, get it?
The Equality Act, a bill to make it illegal to discriminate against people like me nationwide, passed the House. This is awesome news, it is the first time in 200 years. But… BUT…173 Republicans voted against it. They voted against treating people like me as the Americans we are and they used ridiculous excuses that most Americans know are horseshit to support their hateful decisions. In addition, McConnell says he will not bring the bill to the floor (which is technically illegal) and Trump has said he will not sign it even if it makes it through. You don’t get to ask people like me why we despise the GOP and that orange idiot. It should be pretty fucking obvious. The GOP is not LGBT friendly in any way shape or form. If they were, they’d vote to protect us. Duh.
And here’s the thing: The vast majority of Americans support those protections for the LGBT community. 71% of Americans even in the deepest red parts of the country support the LGBT community. They support marriage equality. They support protections in the workplace and school. They’re against discrimination in all its disgusting forms. The GOP refusing to even consider it has nothing to do with serving the people who voted for them and everything to do with clinging to their own personal hatred of everything not straight, white, male and Christian.
It’s time to wake up. It’s time to open your eyes. These people aren’t supporting your beliefs, they aren’t even following their own public agenda, they’re working on some bizarre, greed-filled plan of hate that has nothing to do with the concerns, cares or desires of the average American. Only you can change that.
Peace ~