Please Wake Up

The Pledge of Allegiance isn’t patriotism. It’s a sort of brainwashing utilized by fascists on small children because they’d rather we salute a flag than stand up to their growing oligarchy as true patriots would. As long as they keep us distracted by flags and differences, we’ll never notice what they’re doing.

Open your eyes. Trump is merely a symptom of a much deeper cancer, a decades-long attack on our country that has eroded education, replaced holidays with greed, careers with wage-slavery, and dreams with lies. That’s not America.

Wake up. You already live in a communist oligarchy. Most Americans own nothing. Not their car, not their homes, not their phones, their computers, not even their guns. If you’re making payments, you don’t own it, the banks do and they can legally take it whenever they want. We don’t even own the software on our machines, we license it. We don’t own books, music… At best we own the clothes on our backs and some appliances, hardly the American Dream.

Listen to me:
As long as we’re arguing over artificial issues, they win. They keep us distracted and divided so we fight each other instead of them.

You’ve got to wake up. You’ve got to educate yourselves and others. You’ve got to fight back. Things are only getting worse. We’ve got to stop squabbling with each other over stupid shit and take back our country.