Beyond Skye

Hello and welcome to my blog.  This isn’t my first one, but is the longest running one I have ever done.  I freely admit I suck at keeping it updated and the things you will find here are pretty bloody random, but I do my best 🙂

My name is Skye, I am a bestselling author in something like nine countries.  I write what I call “horror fantasy,” a cross between horror, thriller and urban fantasy.  I have eleven books to my credit, four of which have been number ones in LGBT mystery and/or occult horror.  I am also published in a smattering of literary magazines, game magazines and anthologies.  Hopefully you can find something in there that you enjoy reading.

On my blog you will find rants about my activism, tidbits from books and updates on new releases.  After all, the blog is called Beyond Skye.

Thanks for checking me out.  And remember, everything here is copyright Skye Knizley.  No sharing without express permission.

~ Skye



12 thoughts on “Beyond Skye

  1. Have recently come across your books and love them. Am now avidly waiting for the next Storn book and have just downloaded all the others in the meantime. Thank you for giving us such a great series and strong female characters. Love it 😃😃😃 Hope you keep going

    1. Thank you. I can’t tell you what that means to me and I am so glad you are enjoying my work. I will keep writing as long as people keep reading 🙂

  2. I asked this question before but that was before we knew more about raven’s backround. Given that she is more the a dhampyr (not sure if I spelled that right) wouldn’t she have a crazy long lifespan (at least from non psycho paranormals weapons). I love these books and any idea when the next one is

    1. Hi Benjamin. Thank you for reading my books and dropping me a line. As i said before, because Raven is not only a dhampyr but also carries the blood of one of the most powerful vampires in her veins, her lifespan is not known. So far, she has aged fairly normally, though she does look younger than her 30-odd years. Future books such as Raven’s Blood, Sable, and Wulf will reveal more about her potential lifespan.

  3. those the next three books? cool any chance we will see more of her sister? and any idea when the next book will be released. Also wanted to say I loved the second shadowlands book and I don’t know if I asked it or not but will the women who ashley met (the russian dominatrix) be in the next shadowlands book. I thought her and ashleys banter was funny

    1. They are not the next three, but they are in the next six. The next Chronicle is Nightraven, which will be followed by Raven’s Blood, Western Storm and Aspen Winter. Sable is in Nightraven for certain and will also have her own book, Sable, in 2018.

      As far as Ashley, yes the Russian will make an appearance in Crimson Water.

    1. Hi, Matt! Sorry it took so long to reply. I appreciate you stopping by the blog, and thank you so much for being a reader. That means the world to me.

      Yes, there is another Shadowlands book coming, more than one. I think the next one is Crimson Water, intended to release later this year.

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