I Stand Behind Equality

I am really sick of some of the ignorant comments about the #womensmarch. Some women in this country are just plain living under a rock. If you spent your life doing what is expected of you, odds are you haven’t felt oppressed. That isn’t because the oppression doesn’t exist… its because you did what is … More I Stand Behind Equality

Light a Candle

I know it looks dark, but believe me, nothing is over. I know most people are afraid of Trump’s fascist remarks, anti-LGBT stance, racism and basically everything President Trump says. Congress isn’t much better, the GOP is patently insane. But this is not 1930’s Germany. We have two things that those standing up to the … More Light a Candle

A Few Reality Checks

Reality check: Transgender people are not “freaks” and are no more dangerous than the average person, regardless of what the alt-right would have you believe. Feel free to actually look it up, maybe talk to real trans people. Its no different than when the Nazis drummed up hatred of the Jewish people. Its a fairy … More A Few Reality Checks

Sanders Couldn’t…

Please stop saying Bernie Sanders could have beaten Trump. He couldn’t have and if you believe it, you are part of the problem with why Trump won.   I knew Bernie Sanders longer than most of you who supported him in this election. I supported him as an independent in Vermont because *I* am an … More Sanders Couldn’t…