From Stormfront, Out Now!

From Stormfront, Book IX of the Storm Chronicles #vampire #kindle #kindleunlimited   Raven rose to her feet and faced off against the lycan, Hrunting held in both hands. The lycan clicked steel-capped claws and circled, looking for an opening. Raven could see the fires of the battle behind her reflected in its eyes, smell … More From Stormfront, Out Now!

Stormfront is Live

1943.  The Second Great War rages on, threatening to tear the world apart. Himmler’s SS Paranormal Division is scouring the globe in search of magikal artifacts and preternatural operatives to add to Hitler’s growing supernatural forces. If he isn’t stopped, he will soon have an army of vampires at his disposal, creatures that will stop … More Stormfront is Live

My Grandfather

Today, while finishing my latest manuscript, I am reminded of my grandfather. I don’t think my siblings ever really got to know him, he was always in my grandmother’s shadow. But he was a great man, far better than we gave him credit for as children.   My grandfather was a product of his generation. … More My Grandfather

I Stand Behind Equality

I am really sick of some of the ignorant comments about the #womensmarch. Some women in this country are just plain living under a rock. If you spent your life doing what is expected of you, odds are you haven’t felt oppressed. That isn’t because the oppression doesn’t exist… its because you did what is … More I Stand Behind Equality

Light a Candle

I know it looks dark, but believe me, nothing is over. I know most people are afraid of Trump’s fascist remarks, anti-LGBT stance, racism and basically everything President Trump says. Congress isn’t much better, the GOP is patently insane. But this is not 1930’s Germany. We have two things that those standing up to the … More Light a Candle