Raven Script Update

I have been trying to make a new scene in the Raven script work. At the suggestion of the person we want to be show-runner, I am adding more interaction with Raven’s family. So… this entire scene has been cut We see Raven’s car parked outside the wrought iron fence of Old Town. She proceeds … More Raven Script Update

#Never #GOP

I was sixteen when I realized I could never be a Republican. I was listening to a speech from Bush-the-Lesser, and when he brought up the “sanctity of marriage,” it was clear he wasn’t including anyone that wasn’t straight and Christian. That isn’t a conservative belief. Sorry, it just isn’t. Conservatives should be the first … More #Never #GOP

Instincts are Tough

I see a lot of… I don’t know, paranoia? Fear?   Look, peeps, people will hurt you. It happens. It is human nature. We are, at heart, selfish. Each and every one of us is. You see that both when you need help, and when you are helping others. It isn’t intentional, it’s instinctual, the … More Instincts are Tough

A Dose of Reality

Being an author isn’t glamorous. Even the authors who make it look glamorous really aren’t. In the age of social media and the need to be “on” for our readers, most of us have become fairly decent actors capable of throwing on a veneer of glamour or “coolness” for our readers. No one wants to … More A Dose of Reality

Not One More

I’ve seen and dealt with many horrible things in my life. Corpses with the faces blown off, burned bodies, children blown into small pieces by their own hands because some coward convinced them they would go to a better life…   The worst horror I have ever felt is watching friends have to explain to … More Not One More