Jynx and Piper Kane

Every now and then a corollary gets drawn between Jynx and Piper and the CWs long-running monster-hunting show. Just to set the record straight. Again. Mainly because it annoys the crap out of me. Jynx and Piper were conceived several years before Supernatural became a show, back in 2001. Supernatural didn’t become a series until … More Jynx and Piper Kane

Star Wars Fandom

I’ve been a Star Wars nut since I was a kid, and I’m older than most people think. My first paid writing gigs were for Star Wars games and magazines, long before I ever tried writing a novel. I was called “the Star Wars girl” because people couldn’t remember my name. I’ve lost count of … More Star Wars Fandom

Star Trek: Disco

Star Trek has always been political. It has always had dark episodes that throw light on injustices in our world. It started with episodes of TOS. The Original Series had less in it than Gene Roddenberry wanted because the studio complained it was too “progressive.” The toxic masculinity of Khan, the false god of The … More Star Trek: Disco

Rey is Still a Skywalker

Yep. You heard that right, Rey is a Skywalker and I won’t disbelieve that unless JJ’s upcoming Star Wars IX declares it in no uncertain terms, and I’m not talking about information from Kylo. In TLJ (and seriously, if you haven’t seen TLJ yet I don’t care) Kylo tells Rey that she comes from “nobodies,” … More Rey is Still a Skywalker

Hogwarts Mystery Game

First, a little background. I’m a gamer, I have been since my dad bought a ColecoVision about a million years ago. I’ve owned every console since the SNES and have spent enough on tabletop RPGs and CCGs to fund a small country. My first paid writing gigs were all in the gaming industry. I know … More Hogwarts Mystery Game