Hogwarts Mystery Game

First, a little background. I’m a gamer, I have been since my dad bought a ColecoVision about a million years ago. I’ve owned every console since the SNES and have spent enough on tabletop RPGs and CCGs to fund a small country. My first paid writing gigs were all in the gaming industry. I know … More Hogwarts Mystery Game

Really, Wal-Mart?

I am beyond pissed. Chelle and I went to a nice dinner, then stopped at Wal-Mart for movies, snacks and beer. While checking out, the system asked for our date of birth. We both showed our ID, and the clerk seemed upset by mine, for some reason. She said she couldn’t sell the beer, but … More Really, Wal-Mart?

Trump is Wrong. Again.

There is nothing wrong with being transgender. There is nothing wrong with transgender people serving in the military. They’re saner than our “leader” by a long shot. If you have a problem with transgender people, the problem is you and the bizarre notion that what is between someone’s legs dictates their behavior and identity. The … More Trump is Wrong. Again.

Raven Script Update

I have been trying to make a new scene in the Raven script work. At the suggestion of the person we want to be show-runner, I am adding more interaction with Raven’s family. So… this entire scene has been cut We see Raven’s car parked outside the wrought iron fence of Old Town. She proceeds … More Raven Script Update

#Never #GOP

I was sixteen when I realized I could never be a Republican. I was listening to a speech from Bush-the-Lesser, and when he brought up the “sanctity of marriage,” it was clear he wasn’t including anyone that wasn’t straight and Christian. That isn’t a conservative belief. Sorry, it just isn’t. Conservatives should be the first … More #Never #GOP